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About Us
Welcome to Metro Sales.

Metro Sales is a Los Angeles Based Import-Wholesale- Distribution and Packaging Company.

Being in a city which is a major port of entry, and second home to numerous ethnic groups gives Metro Sales the unique opportunity to cooperate with local and national importers and manufacturers, to bring you delightful products from around the world.

Pasta form Italy, Confectionery from Japan, Syrups from Slovenia, Mineral water from Germany, Jam from Armenia, Halal products from Indonesia and Malaysia, Red pepper from Syria, Pickles from Israel, Tea from China, Ginger from Vietnam, Dates from Iraq, Figs from Turkey, Tuna from Iran, Peperoncini from Greece, chocolate from Ghana, Rice from India, Sardines from Morocco, Cheese from Bulgaria, Olives from Spain, Aloe drinks from Korea, and...

Metro Sales presents a spectrum of food products selected from national and international manufacturers. We select top brands from established companies.

We also, distribute  food products made in the USA. Most probably you will not have a chance to taste it, if you do not live in this neighborhood. This is where Metro Sales brings you the world. We ship these wonderful goodies to your home, office, or organization. Shop on line

Metro offers Packaging services as well.We pack our own brands which are; BonGiorno Brand-Metro Sport Snacks Brand-Metro Survival Solutions Brand-Metro Brand Grains,Nuts,Candy.Our packaging department can be of help with your packaging design,Food packaging bags of all shapes,sizes and material. Packaging services include assembly for low to medium runs.

Metro Sales cooperates with local importers to introduce their products in new markets. Introducing new products is our business.

Metro Sales= variety, quality assurance, and service.

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